PSPS offers a variety of ways to be involved with other HR and Business leaders within the organization through our 6 active committees. If you are a PSPS member and are interested in getting involved on a committee, please contact the PSPS Board Co-Chairs for that committee. Or complete the Committee Volunteer Interest Form!

Community Connections Committee

Community Connections connects PSPS members with the Greater Philadelphia community in order to provide them with opportunities to demonstrate their individual expertise, “give back," and work with other PSPS members toward a common goal. This is accomplished through alliances with corporations, graduate university programs, and not-for -profits.

Sub-Committees: (click here to learn more about community volunteer opportunities)

  • PSPS Human Resources Professional Mentoring Program
  • PSPS Interview Skills Training for Philadelphia High School Students
  • PSPS Graduate University Alliances
  • Career Services for the Women's Resource Center

Leadership Forum Committee

The Leadership Forum Committee is responsible for planning and executing the annual PSPS Leadership Forum, held every Fall. This 1/2 day event typically attracts over 400 business leaders as a means to increase their knowledge and perspective on current and relevant topics.  It also provides participants an opportunity to broaden their professional networks.   Presented by highly acclaimed, nationally recognized thought-leaders and educators, the forum's local venue represents a cost-effective way to keep current on relevant and vital leadership practices. Committee member commitment time: about 1-2 hours per month.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing committee raises the internal and external visibility and credibility of PSPS through effectively positioning the PSPS brand in all internal and external communications. The Marketing Committee communicates through the quarterly PSPS member newsletter, monthly member meetings, and handles the advertising strategies for program events, especially the Annual Leadership forum. The Marketing Committee oversees PSPS social media presence and communications as well as PSPS website content.  Committee members are required to attend a one hour virtual meeting every month, and execute various action items to support the committee’s efforts. Committee Member Time Commitment: 2-3 hours per month.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee promotes and ensures a vital, diverse and active membership by attracting and recruiting the region's top strategic HR and Business leaders to enhance and advance the profession. By leveraging the experience of both internal and external providers, we see to enrich one another's experience by providing thought leadership and provocative dialogue about emerging trends, strategies and practices. The committee looks to add value by acting as a resource to members in developing a lasting network of colleagues for promoting and sharing ideas, best practices, professional renewal and camaraderie.

Programming Committee

The PSPS Programming Committee is responsible for adding member value by creating multiple opportunities and choices of formats where members can participate in learning and networking. The program committee will plan, implement, or support Quarterly Programs, Webinars, LANS, and SIGs. Some committee activities include:

  • Identifying topics of interest to help in planning the programs
  • Identifying suitable speakers for the determined set of programs
  • Taking ownership of the logistics for a specific program (coordinating speaker material, agenda, content flow, equipment, etc) to appeal to the varied interests of our members

Local Area Networks (LANs) provide opportunities for members to learn and discuss key HR and business issues in a more intimate, small group setting. The participants identify topics, and member facilitators lead the discussions. PSPS currently has LANs for Bux-Mont, Center City, Chester County, Delaware, Main Line, and South Jersey.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) allow members with similar interests or goals to explore their knowledge, share ideas, and provide mutual support. PSPS’ four SIGS are dedicated to PSPS Members in Career Transition, Talent Management, Executive Coaching and the Human Capital Analytics Forum (HCA Forum)

Each member of the Program committee selects a role(s) of interest to him/her and attends a monthly Program Committee call. (twice a month until the four quarterly programs are selected).

The specific interest roles also include:

  1. Serving as the point person for a specific quarterly program (4-8 hours for one program of working with the Speaker and Seamless to outline the program and confirm logistics)
  2. Holiday Party and Summer Networking Event (total of 3-5 hours working with Seamless to confirm locations/logistics and working with the PSPS Marketing committee to advertise events)
  3. SIG/LAN Point Person: Supporting the SIG/LAN leaders to provide a meaningful PSPS Value-add experience (4-8 hours for the year)
  4. New Member Outreach – contacting new members to invite them to PSPS events (new role that might connect with the Membership committee in 2017, currently 4-8 hours over the year)

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for building and maintaining partnerships with organizations who see value in associating with the programs and members of PSPS. These organization sponsors invest commitment in time and money in PSPS as they gain involvement and visibility with senior level HR and Business leaders professionals. In addition to a financial commitment, PSPS benefits from sponsors in gaining exposure to industry knowledge and expertise.  The committee’s focus, with the entire board’s support, is to ensure value to our existing sponsors, and recruit and engage prospective sponsors so they too will see the value and lend their support to PSPS. Committee members will participate in monthly planning calls, as well as interact with area companies. Committee Member Time Commitment: 3-5 hours per month.