Q1 2015 PSPS Program Recaps

By: PSPS Programming Committee

Quarterly Program - Five Workplace Predictions for the Next Five Years Leading Into 2020 with Jeanne Meister. On January 21, PSPS joined with ATD and welcomed Jeanne Meister, author of 2020 Workforce.  Jeanne addressed a crowd of approximately 200 HR and business leaders and shared her predictions for the workplace, identifying 5 important trends:

  1. Workplace demographics
  2. Recruiting starting early and using big data
  3. Corporate MOOC's
  4. Gamification as engagement tool
  5. Workforce flexibility

Jeanne stressed the emergence of Workplace Flexibility, calling it a needed "strategy" for organizational future success – far beyond a mere "perk."  She referenced her recent Forbes blog, "The Death of the Office."  She went on to identify three challenges for today's CHRO:

  1. Social HR – consumerization
  2. The importance of focusing on the "user experience" for all interactions with HR
  3. Leadership readiness for the Millennial population

Jeanne closed the session by promoting the need for the CHRO, the CIO, and the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) to see themselves as a 3-legged stool coming together to craft one common vision: working together to prepare for, and respond to, changes in the workforce/workplace.

Attendees were encouraged to discuss what was happening in their world – especially what they were "proud" of and what might become obsolete in the future.  This exchange added to the value of the program. To learn more about Jeanne Meister, visit the 2020 Workplace and Future Workplace LLC.


HCA Quarterly Program - Where to begin the HCA journey

"Where to begin the Human Capital Analytics Journey" was the theme of the February 11 PSPS Human Capital Analytics Forum.  Holly Paine Magnuson of The Hershey Company described Hershey’s journey in building and launching a human capital analytics Center of Excellence.  A copy of Holly’s presentation is available on the PSPS website.

Carol Mitchell then led a robust facilitated discussion on some of the key issues to consider regarding where to begin the human capital analytics journey.  A group of graduate students from Temple and Villanova are preparing summaries of the discussions.  A few of the issues the facilitated discussion addressed were: To what extent should the business strategy influence where you begin the journey? What priority should be placed on what can be produced versus what should be produced? At what point in the HCA journey should skilled “quants” (data scientists) be hired or assigned?

The Forum’s co-leaders Mike Guglielmo and Frank DiBernardino announced that a survey will be launched to gather information on where companies are on the HCA journey.  We hope to have preliminary results released at the June meeting of the HCA Forum.  The date and location will soon be announced, so be on the lookout for updates!

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