Q1 2016 Program Recap

By: PSPS Programming Committee

PSPS and our GPSEG partners jointly presented the noted author, professor, and thought leader Dr. Stew Friedman to a large group of members on January 27th, 2016. The program, entitled “Leading the Life You Want,” (Dr. Friedman’s most recent book) was well-received by enthusiastic members and guests, and allowed a window onto the decades of research and concept development with which Dr. Friedman is credited in the area of leadership and work-life integration.

As the importance of balanced, high-performing leadership grows in organizations, and human resource leaders struggle to develop the leaders that their organizations require, Dr. Friedman’s work in presenting practical concepts for work-life integration has grown. Participants at January’s session were introduced to Dr. Friedman’s central concepts, including the idea of four-way wins (the concept of integrating the work, home, community and private-self domains of life effectively). As baby-boomers seek more meaning from their work, and millennials enter the workforce expecting professional lives that more easily mirror and integrate with their personal goals, Dr. Friedman’s research and ideas are a thought-provoking, impactful way to consider answers to this leadership challenge. His easy, effective presentation style has made him an award-winner with Wharton MBA students and high-level business audiences nation-wide, and his session with PSPS and GPSEG was no exception.

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