Q4 Quarterly Program Recap

Over 110 members and guests were fully engaged in Mindy Hall’s Sept. 22 presentation, "Leading with Intention.” Challenged with thinking about “who do you want to be as a Leader?”, participants learned that when they write it down they are 43% more likely to succeed and if they share what they wrote down, 76% more likely to become the leader they want to be. Words like “courage,” “good listener,” “walk the talk,” “mentor” were among the responses that participants shared with the group.

HR Performance, while improving has remained pretty stable over time, according to data from Deloitte, Hall told us, making it all the more important for HR leaders to be intentional in how they show up as leaders. Hall shared with us 3 very useful tools to use to make us all more effective and intentional leaders. 1) Be in the moment, and watch yourself in the moment. Challenge your assumptions. #2) Awareness, integration and finally embodiment is the process we will undertake to become intentional leaders and #3) 2+2. For every meeting we attend, have 2 questions and 2 contributions in mind before the meeting begins. If, at the end, you have successfully contributed twice and asked 2 good questions, that will be a successful meeting, indeed.

Mindy Hall inspired all who attended. There were several key take-aways, including her touching story of a long TSA line at Philadelphia International Airport, where an agent who was controlling the rather unhappy travelers managed to show real leadership once she notices an active duty serviceman at the back of the line. You’ll have to get Mindy’s book, "Leading with Intention, Every Moment is a Choice,” and read the entire passage.

I suspect that there will be many more intentional leaders among our ranks at our next Quarterly Event, Jan. 25, 2017, featuring Josh Bersin.

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