AIM Program


Dear PSPS Community,

Now beginning its 19th year, our renowned PSPS HR Mentoring Program, now called AIM (Achievements in Mentoring) is open for applications from qualified mentees and qualified mentors. 

Program Objectives

  • Provide professional development for early-in-career HR Professionals as they address their greatest challenges, encouraging their growth and commitment to Human Resources.

  • Create a bridge for new professionals to become future contributing members of PSPS, while strengthening the pipeline of HR professionals in the greater Philadelphia area

  • Provide mentors with the benefits of mentoring and coaching a career HR professional.

  • Offer participating organizations the opportunity to accelerate the development of their early-in-career, high potential HR professionals, at no fee for their organizations.

Qualified Mentee Applicants
Based upon the program’s design and structure, we are seeking potential area mentees who have:

  • A commitment to a long-term professional career in HR

  • Two to eight years of professional-level work experience in HR; presently client facing, and working as a generalist or specialist job within a corporate/business HR department, or, as a consultant/staff specialist in an HR consulting firm

  • A promising combination of talents and personal motivation through their application and personal interview

A snapshot of applicants’ fit to the program (these are examples, every situation differs).

Qualified Mentor Volunteers 

Current PSPS members with a career that has been focused on HR, who have:

  • Advanced degree in a Human Resource-related area or equivalent professional experience

  • Minimum ten years direct HR experience either internally or externally

  • Minimum three years in a senior management role

What makes the AIM program so outstanding?

  • Well-developed screening and matching process for mentees and mentors, as well as program orientation for all participants

  • Structured process with individual flexibility within the mentor-mentee pair. Program runs from January through June, and includes two all-member zoom meetings, twice monthly meetings for mentoring pair, and many more features.

  • All activities supported by the AIM Program Committee, which provides ready resources for new ideas and addressing challenges

  • Eighteen years’ experience in implementing the PSPS program, making enhancements based on participant feedback

How to get involved

Read more about the PSPS Mentoring Program:

Read an article published in The Professional Journal of HRPS by Wendy Axelrod called "Making Your Mentoring Program Memorable."

Click on the video below to hear about a participant's experience with the program.