Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide members with an opportunity to learn and discuss key HR and Business issues with members in a more intimate, small group setting.

The below outlines the current Special Interest Groups (SIGs) PSPS offers:

  • PSPS Members in Career Transition

  • Executive Coaching

  • Talent Management & Acquisition

  • Human Capital Analytics

PSPS SIG events are for PSPS Members only. Learn more about PSPS Membership if you want to take advantage of this valuable benefit offered to members only!

For general information and questions about PSPS SIGs, please contact Lindsay Evans at levans@chathamfinancial.com.

Click here to learn about how to become a member. Click here to go to the Event Calendar to register to attend a SIG Event.

To gain more details on specific SIGs, please login to your member profile and click 'Groups' to join the specific SIG you are interested in.

PSPS Members In Career Transition SIG

Members In Career Transition Special Interest Group (SIG) is for PSPS members in transition. Group meetings provide PSPS HR and Business leaders a forum to work with peers to maximize the manner in which they are positioning themselves in the market. Considered by many to be an informal “advisory board,” this venue provides collaborative support and a candid forum for discussion and honing of skills during the transition process, along with regular lead sharing. This SIG is intended for PSPS members who are in transition. 

Meeting Size is limited to 20 - Must register to attend - Please go to the website and sign up for the meetings you plan to attend in order to ensure that you will be able to participate in the group session. To register, click on Events Calendar and click on Members In Career Transition SIG.

Executive Coaching SIG

The Executive Coaching Special Interest Group targets experienced full time coaches/consultants and coaches/therapists. We will support each other in building and effectively serving our coaching clients and further developing our coaching skills. Some of the goals of this group include continuous development of our skills as leadership and executive coaches and establishing an effective forum of skilled coaches for input and discussion on actual coaching situations in a confidential community.

Talent Management & Acquisition SIG

The Talent Management & Acquisition (TMA) SIG provides an active learning forum where members share challenges, knowledge, methods, and solutions related to the practice of strategy-centric talent management. The TMA SIG attracts PSPS members from across the Greater Philadelphia Region. To optimize diversity, learning, and solution building, membership is managed to maintain balance between internal corporate leaders and external consultants. The TMA SIG is most efficient and productive when members are comfortable moving rapidly between conceptual and practical, and strategic and tactical. Participants have significant experience formulating and driving strategy through talent. This experience could be in any combination of HR and direct business leadership roles.

Human Capital Analytics SIG

The purpose of the HCA SIG is to provide a forum for those involved in the human capital analytics field to interact, including practitioners, academics, and providers of products and services, to share experiences, case studies, and research in the field of human capital analytics, and to advance the thinking, body of knowledge, and state of the art in the human capital analytics field. The HCA SIG is an effective and productive avenue for participants to comfortably and rapidly move between conceptual and practical, and strategic and tactical solutions. Participants are involved in workforce analytics from reporting to predictive analytics, with experience and/or responsibility along this continuum. Participants have both a thirst for knowledge and desire to share their experiences.